COVID-19 Call to Action

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has put many healthcare providers under great strain as they provide treatment and care to affected patients. Maptec is offering its Products, and we’re looking for our customers and partners to join us in sharing resources to help overcome this pandemic. It’s in these times that we see selflessness at its finest as people come forward to help one another in time of great need.

If you are able to offer your engineering team’s time and expertise, or access to 3D printers, we would greatly appreciate your support. Conversely, if you are a medical device manufacturer, hospital, or healthcare provider that needs help to bridge a supply chain gap, please let us know of your needs. We will do everything possible to fulfill your request.

Find COVID-19 related STL files

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NanoHack Face Mask
Breathing Mask
Venturi's Valve
Hands-Free Door Opener
Charlotte Valve
Safety Goggles
Montana Mask
Face Shield
Mask Wearing Connector
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None of these models have been approved for use by any regulatory agency. Use at your own risk. If you are going to provide any printed models to a 3rd party, please always check with said party and the competent local government agency for approval.

We would like always to hear from you , feel free to contact or visit our offices and show rooms to have more insight on our products and services.




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