EOS P 396

EOS P 396 - About 38% less energy consumption and up to 32% faster

System for Additive Manufacturing of serial parts and functional prototypes from polymer materials. The successor to the EOSINT P 395 offers higher productivity and therefore lower costs per building job. Improved hardware and software ensure greater consistency in part properties.

EOS P 396 (Source: EOS)

With total build size of 340 x 340 x 600 mm, the EOS P 396 covers the medium build volume range. This modular and highly productive system allows the tool-free manufacture of serial components, spare parts, functional prototypes and models directly from CAD data. Compared to its predecessor model, the EOS P 396 consumes for a typical building job (filling ratio 5.8%) about 38% less energy and is up to 32% faster.

Winner of the 3D Printer Guide Awards of 3D Hubs in the category „SLS" 

EOS P 396 in your industry.

EOS P 396 Materials.

PA 2200, PA 2201, PA 1101, PA 3200 GF, Alumide®, PA 2202 black, PA 1102 black, CarbonMide®, PrimeCast® 101,  PrimePart® ST, PrimePart® FR (PA 2241 FR), PrimePart® PLUS (PA 2221)



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