Same day prototyping and direct digital production of tens and hundreds of parts per month.

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Fast Turnaround

Achieve same-day functional prototyping and low volume production with ultra-high speeds. Figure 4 Standalone offers quality, accuracy, and Six Sigma repeatability (Cpk > 2) with industrial-grade durability, service, and support. Figure 4 Standalone was designed for ease-of-use and includes file preparation and print management with 3D Systems3D Sprint software.

Broad Range of Materials

3D Systems’ Material Design Center has over 30 years of proven R&D experience and process development expertise. The broad and expanding range of materials available for Figure 4 Standalone addresses a wide variety of applications needs, for functional prototyping, direct production of end-use parts, molding and casting, and includes rigid and durable with thermoplastic-like behaviors, rubber-like, castable, heat resistant, and biocompatible capable materials.

Production-grade materials for 3D Systems Figure 4 platform


Quick and easy material changeover allows for functional prototypingand production application diversity with the same printer. Featuring a manualmaterial feed, it is augmented with separate post-processing units availablefor cleaning, drying, and curin

Figure 4 Tough BLK 20 part


Technical Specification


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Compatible materials

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