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Titanium bracket application depth customization equipment, double laser double galvanometer efficient processing, equipped with efficient and safe independent atmosphere purification system, sealed glove structure, reserved sealed cabin powder adding and powder suction interface, can be used for powder addition

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HBD-200 SLM 3D Printer

Equipment features

Equipped with an external purification circulation sub-vacuum-level sealed chamber, full closed-loop air volume system, which is in real-time communication with the host control circulation purification system, high-speed deoxygenation machine, real-time monitoring and responding the forming system, combined with high-precision oxygen content detection, atmosphere.

Dental 3D printer - HBD-200 - Guangdong Hanbang 3D Tech Co., Ltd. - medical  / floor-standing / metal

Wide-ranging metal powders

From Stainless steel, Cobalt-chrome alloy, Tool steel, Titanium alloy, High temperature alloy, Aluminum alloy, Hastelloy, Tungsten, Tantalum and some other refractory metals.

Medical Application

According to the characteristics of the individual bones, According to the characteristics of the individual bones, using a 3D scanner to create a three-dimensional model, and then through the metal 3D high-precision printing, to achieve the preoperative verify quickly and effectively, ensure the bone plate, implants were high precision matching with the patient, which reduce the surgical risk and improve the cure rate; It can also be personalized manufacturing trabecular, porous, lattice and other structures to improve prosthesis and bone mechanical adaptation to speed up the combine of muscle tissue with prosthesis.



Selective laser melting (SLM) is a specific 3D printing technique, which utilizes high power-density laser to fully melt and fuse metallic powders with a fairly extensive range of metal alloys available.

Technical Specification


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