Medit i700

The Medit i700 is the key to unleash your clinic's full potential, with powerful hardware and intelligent software. Intraoral scanning experience made comfortable for both dentist and patient.

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Medit i500 Intraoral 3D Scanner

Intraoral Scanning Redefined

Medit has been at the forefront of realizing the easy entry into digital dentistry. Our innovation will improve your patient's experience. How can we develop the product beyond the imagination of users? Start today with the Medit family and unleash your clinic’s potential.

High Resolution Scan

You can select specific parts of the tooth to scan at high resolution. This function allows you to scan in HD only where it is required, enabling efficient management of scan time, data capacity etc. The selected area is displayed in a different color for ease of use.

Medit Link is a fully open system for you

Scan with intelligent features and apps specialized for your dental procedures. Improve consultation experience with your patient to provide better treatment options. Enhance your communication with labs through a real time could-based system.


Discover the Medit i500: a lightweight, intuitive and incredibly fast intraoral scanner with proven accuracy, designed to simplify your workflow and put your clinic back into your own hands.

Technical Specification

Medit i700

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High ROI

An unparalleled performance combined with a competitive price delivers exceptionally fast return on investment


An open system for integrated CAD/CAM workflow allows for the export of STL files for easy file transfer and thus optimized collaboration

Impressive Speed

Intelligent scan-detecting algorithm with two high-speed cameras for quick and efficient intraoral scanning


No need for powder in most regular cases, allowing for a seamless scanning process and increased patient comfort

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