Wide Range of Materials
for Wide Range of Applications

Compatible with FDM technology

Raise3D PVA Pure White

Raise3D Premium PETG Black

Raise3D Premium PC White

Raise3D Premium PC Transparent

Raise3D Premium PC Black

Raise3D Premium ABS White

Raise3D Premium ABS Grey

Raise3D Premium ABS Black

Raise3D Premium PLA Yellow

Raise3D Premium PLA White

Raise3D Premium PLA Orange

Raise3D Premium PLA Blue

Raise3D Premium PLA Black

Raise3D Premium PLA Red


3DXMAX ASA Flat Dark Earth

3DXMAX ASA Natural

3DXMAX ASA Dark Grey


3DXMAX ASA Army Green

Compatible with SLA technology

Model Resin

Castable Wax Resin

Grey Pro Resin

Rigid Resin

Elastic 50A Resin

Flexible 80A Resin

Tough 1500 Resin

Durable Resin

Tough 2000 Resin

Color Kit Resin

Draft Resin

Standard Clear Resin

Standard White Resin

Standard Black Resin

Standard Grey Resin

Compatible with DLP technology

Asiga PlasGRAY

Asiga PlasCLEAR

Compatible with SLS technology

No items found.

Compatible with MJP material

No items found.

High Temp materials

Highest performance 3D printing materials engineered to withstand exceptional thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties. Use it to print detailed, precise prototypes with thermal stability

Check out 3D Printers for High Temp materials >

Compatible with FDM technology

Thermax PPSU Natural
Thermax PEKK-A Natural
Thermax PEI Natural
Thermax HTS High Temperature Support

Compatible with CFF technology

Onyx ESD

Kevlar® CFF™

High Strength High Temperature Fiberglass CFF™

Fiberglass CFF™

Carbon Fiber CFF™

Onyx FR


Nylon White

Compatible with FDM technology

CarbonX CF-PP
CarbonX CF-PC
CarbonX CF-Nylon PA12
CarbonX CF-PEI
CarbonX CF10-PEEK

Compatible with ADAM technology

Inconel 625

H13 Tool Steel

D2 Tool Steel


Ceramic Release

A2 Tool Steel

17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Compatible with SLM technology

No items found.

Compatible with SLA technology

Dental LT Clear Resin

Temporary CB Resin

Custom Tray Resin

Biomed Clear

Compatible with SLM technology

No items found.

Compatible with DLP technology

Asiga DentaTRY
Asiga DentaTOOTH
Asiga DentaMODEL
Asiga DentaGUIDE
Asiga DentaCAST