Octave Light R1 40 μm

The Octave Light R1 can reliably print at 25 um per layer. A normal A4 letter paper is 100 um thick. We are printing at 1/4 the thinness of a paper here. This 25 um per layer performance is matching any industrial grade top down Stereolithography machines.

The Octave Light R1 is highly dependable and reliable.

Octave Light R1 40 μm in your industry.

Octave Light R1 40 μm Materials.

With our 365 nm LED, you are opened to a wide wide ranged of existing, proven, and advanced stereolithography material selections! 

If you have any medical, dental, or orthodontic certified resins that can only be printed with the 365 nm wavelength area (hint: DSM Somos BioClear is ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10, and USP VI certified.), then the Octave Light R1 365nm is for you. The Octave Light R1 365nm is especially attractive to orthodontist who want to bring their previously out-sourced 3D Printing in-house, onto their own desktop. 


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