3D PRINTERS  / Industrial

Full Color 3D printers

This range of 3D Printer is suitable for Architects, Educational and retail products. This is the world only color 3D printer that can deliver direct cad models with texture to physical presentable colorful models.

 Projet x60 Professional Color 3D Printers

MultiJet Printing High Definition Plastic 3D Printer

This range of 3D Printer is suitable for fine plastic, mechanical, form fit function and any high precision modeling need  

 Projet HD Professional 3D Printers

RealWax Models 3D printers

This range of 3D Printer is suitable for fine Jewelery, Investment Casting , and Direct Casting applications. Our Wax is 100% real wax.

 Projet CP/CPX wax Professional3D Printers

Dental 3D printers

Dental Models, Surgical guides, Clear aligners, partial denteurs, waxups all can be manufactured with this range of 3D Printers

Plastic and Elastomeric 3D Printer

This range of 3D Printers uses Multi-material composite materials, producing high-quality multi-material parts in a single build.

Professional SLA 3D Printer

Unmatched capabilities of Stereolightography technology into a smaller footprint


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