Sintratec S1 - The Laser Sintering Machine for your Professional needs.

The Sintratec S1 brings your digital objects to reality better than ever. You can print highly complex and functional parts with complete freedom of form. The Sintratec S1 has been designed to meet the professional needs of industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial machinery and rapid prototyping as well as education and research.

The Sintratec S1 is designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Sintratec's R&D team is at the cutting-edge of laser sintering research and cooperate with Switzerland's leading technology institutes to provide ground-breaking progress in laser sintering technology. The S1 uses a high precision diode laser providing exceptionally detailed and smooth print results. The print material used is Sintratec’s PA12 high performance industrial grade polyamide (Nylon) powder. With a melting point of 176 °C , PA12 allows you to print strong, temperature resistant, precise and durable work pieces.

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