Zortrax M200 works within integrated Zortrax Ecosystem to provide the user with dimensional accuracy, repeatability and convenience. It is equipped with build volume of 200x200x180mm, single extruder and platform auto calibration to achieve the highest print quality.

As an integral part of Zortrax ecosystem, the M200 gives you exactly what you need to get some competitive edge and become the leader in your industry. Together with the 3D printer you receive a spool of dedicated material, key to Z-Suite software and Starter Kit.

Zortrax M200 in your industry.

Materials Compatibility.

Zortrax dedicated materials guarantee the highest quality and ultimate reliability. Choose the best material for your model. Pick variety of properties and colors.

Materials available:

  • Z-ULTRAT - Create accurate prototypes with features similar to products made in injection moulding technology. 

  • Z-HIPS - Use it to get flawless surface and matte finish on, large regular structure objects.

  • Z-GLASS - Thanks to its light-transmitting surface, it's an ideal choice for elements that need to imitate glass.

  • Z-PETG - Make highly durable and temperature-resistant to salts, alkalis or acids.

  • Z-PCABS - Make highly durable and temperature resistant casings and functional prototypes.

  • Z-ABS - 3D print conceptual models, gadgets, mockups or whatever you can imagine in variety of colors. 


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