Zortrax M300 has a build volume of 300x300x300 mm helps you realise even the biggest projects, effortlessly. The Zortrax M300 features stand for reliability, precise repeatability and dimensional accuracy, which are now enlarged to give you the possibility of unlimited ideas.



Zortrax M300 in your industry.

Zortrax M300 materials.

To make something big with Zortrax M300, you need materials that will reflect your idea perfectly. Dedicated Zortrax materials will do just that, with the highest quality and ultimate reliability. Take your pick for the next model in XL size.

Materials available:

  • Z-HIPS - Use it to significantly reduce warping and visibly shorten the time you're spending on post-processing.

  • Z-PETG - the go-to-material for prototyping parts required to be resistant to salts, acids or alkalis.

  • Z-GLASS - Thanks to its light-transmitting surface, it's an ideal choice for elements that need to imitate glass.



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