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Manufacturing Solutions
for Composite Materials

Composite 3D Printing

Continuous Fibers enable Markforged composite printers to print metal-strength parts. They cannot be used alone — however, when printed with a Composite Base, they form the backbone of a strong printed part.

Micro carbon fiber filled nylon that forms the foundation of Markforged composite parts, it offers high strength, toughness, and chemical resistance when printed alone, and can be reinforced with Continuous Fibers to yield aluminum-strength parts. Today, there are more than a million Onyx parts in the field transforming manufacturing.

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Onyx Pro

The workhorse professional 3D printer for Continuous Fiberglass reinforced parts.


Mark Two

The only way to 3D print aluminum-strength parts on your desktop — the Mark Two enables engineers and designers to effortlessly generate value for their business.


Markforged X7

The only way to get industrial-grade parts in hand in hours, not weeks — the X7 enables engineers and designers to fundamentally improve their manufacturing operation at light speed.


Markforged FX10

FX10 represents Markforged's latest industrial composite 3D printer, embodying years of engineering ingenuity and technological progress. Its primary objective is to consistently produce robust and precise parts with each print.


Markforged FX20

The FX20 brings the Digital Forge and Continuous Fiber Reinforcement to a new realm of parts, problems, and industries. Built for everything from performance tooling and fixtures to flight-ready production parts —this large format 3D printer can reinforce ULTEM™ 9085 filament with continuous carbon fiber.

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