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3D Printers for Education & Research

Fabrication technology built for the next generation of engineers, architects, artists, and more. Empower your students to enter the workforce as leaders in digital manufacturing mind-set.

Expand into new design and fabrication spaces with highly optimized performance materials and tools.

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3D Printers

Form 4

Raise3D E2

Onyx Pro

Mark Two

3D Scanners for Education Industry

Technology is changing the way students and teachers interact and it is an effective and innovative approach to connect with students. 3D scanning is becoming more accessible and can be integrated with arts, sciences, and technology.

Three-dimensional learning is building up the next generation of students and making them more engaged in advanced technologies extends their innovate thinking.

With a 3D scanner students can explore and experiment from the life and sciences that includes topography, body processes, molecules, and the earth’s systems.

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3D Scanning for Education

3D Scanners


EinScan Pro 2X Plus

EinScan H

EinScan HX


Free Scan Combo

3D Software

Design simple parts or push it to the limit with exotic geometry - whatever your project calls for. Output any design to a 3D printer.

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3D Software

Alibre Atom3D


Fusion 360

Value-Added Products

Maptec offers value-added products for Education. An additional solution to improve up time and add value to your business. Aside from 3D printers, we also have laser cutting, laser engraving, casting, and UV curing machines specially made for your needs.

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Value-Added Products


Magic 30

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