Print. Stronger.

Economical 3D printers with advanced materials such as Onyx, Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforcements, and Metal.

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Additive manufacturing provides scalable, tangible benefits over nearly every vertical. See how your industry is adopting 3D printing — and how you can take advantage.

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machines that

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Continuous fiber.
Composites. All at
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Markforged provides
a platform that prints
industrial parts at the
speed of software.

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"It starts with strong parts.
Then it gets better."

Markforged Industrial 3D Printers. Strong Parts. Right Now.

A complete line of machines made to create functional parts. Industrial 3D printers that consistently improve with a connected platform and precision construction.

Mark Two
The only way to 3D print aluminum-strength parts on your desktop — the Mark Two enables engineers and designers to effortlessly generate value for their business.
Markforged X7
The only way to get industrial-grade parts in hand in hours, not weeks — the X7 enables engineers and designers to fundamentally improve their manufacturing operation at light speed.
Metal X System
An accessible end-to-end metal 3D printing solution designed to yield functional metal parts. The Metal X System is the most accessible way to fabricate complex metal parts in the widest variety of advanced metals.