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3D Printers for Defense & Aerospace

Drive advancements in R&D and fabricate parts out of the most advanced composites and metals available to 3D print today.

Aerospace and military applications are mostly small production runs, and sometimes these parts can be produced in the field depending on the additive manufacturing technology available.

When the 3D printers can be placed cheaply on various bases, if something breaks, you don't have to ship a new part from across the world. You don't have to rely on a single production source with additive manufacturing. Multiple printers in multiple locations can create parts.

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3D Printers


BLT S310

Markforged X7

Markforged FX20



ProMaker P1000 X

Metal X System

3D Scanners for Defense & Aerospace

In the development of anything for aerospace or defense, 3D scanning is a great tool to acquire and can widely be used for reverse engineering, development, design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, maintenance, and repair.

In R&D, simulations are often done. With a help of a 3D scanner they can have a digital copy generating precision and providing more success.

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3D Scanners

EinScan HX

FreeScan X7/X7+

FreeScan Trak

3D Software

Reverse engineer physical parts into digital parametric CAD models with the most comprehensive reverse-engineering software, combining history-based CAD with 3D scan data processing.

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3D Software

Geomagic Design X

Fusion 360

Value-Added Products

Maptec offers value-added products for Defense & Aerospace. An additional solution to improve up time and add value to your business. Aside from 3D printers, we also have laser cutting, laser engraving, casting, and UV curing machines specially made for your needs.

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Value-Added Products


OroWeld 200s

Galloni G1 Ultimate

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