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3D Printers for
Wide Range of Materials

We make sure to provide the right solution for your requirements.

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Plastic materials

In additive manufacturing, plastic polymer is the most versatile and easiest material to use. Choose from PLA, ABS, Nylon, ASA, PC, PETG, and Hight Temp materials.

This material is best for printing prototypes, scale models, draft, personalized parts and many more.
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Composite materials

Print Continuous Carbon Fiber reinforced parts on your desktop – stiff, strong, extremely durable, and capable of replacing machined aluminum.

Composite Base filaments are engineering-grade materials that print using a conventional FFF (FDM-style) process. Print with them alone or with Continuous Fibers to yield strong parts.
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High Temp materials

High Temp materials using FDM technology can withstand high temperatures and is resistant to chemicals and radiation. Offering wear, moisture and chemical resistance along with exceptional strength, dimensional stability and stiffness. PEEK, the most common High Temp material, it is being used in many challenging environments in the medical, nuclear, chemical processing and aerospace industries.
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Metal materials

End-to-end metal 3D printing solution designed to yield functional metal parts. From a 3D design to a fully functional metal parts in under 72 hours.

Print a wide range of materials from stainless steels to copper with minimal training on a closed workflow.
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Biocompatible materials

Bring production in-house with biocompatible material additive manufacturing.

Rapidly manufacture biocompatible surgical guides, splints, fixed patterns and models, clear aligner models, and full dentures.
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