Flashforge - WaxJet 510

Next-Level Precision Perfect for K-Gold Wax Mold Casting

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High-Precision Casting

It offers the jewelry industry increased flexibility in design and manufacturing. WaxJet 510 precisely prints intricate jewelry designs while ensuring high quality. 30% Faster build times than similar wax systems. 40% Higher resolution than similar wax systems.

Special Wax Material

With its special high-tenacity wax material. WaxJet 510 reduces reject rates during casting. Ideal for K-gold casting. FlashForge’s non-toxic wax materials are perfect for investment casting fields such as jewelry, crafts, precision casting and aerospace.

It is flexible pink build material offers high tensile strength and durability with added support for stone-in-place casting.

FlashForge WaxJet Print Software

WaxJetPrint is the all-in-one 3D printing software solution for 3D printing and system management. Automatically connect, set, and align your 3D printed files and set maintenance times.

Printing Process

Design and Setup

One-Button Automatic Printing

Post-Processing and Casting

Technical Specification

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