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ADAM(Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing)

ADAM is an end-to-end process that starts with metal powder, captures it in a plastic binder (which makes it safe to handle), and then forms it into the part shape one layer at a time. After printing you sinter the part in a furnace, burning off the binder and solidifying the powder into the final fully-dense metal part.

Humans have been pouring metal into molds for five thousand years. Now we have a better way. In the next 2 years Markforged will achieve the technological leap to true digital metal manufacturing. The digital age transformed every other industry known to man — music, photography, writing, telecom, email, the internet. But manufacturing is largely the same as it was in the 50s. It’s time for mechanical engineering to enter the digital age.― Greg Mark, founder & CEO

3D Printer for Metal 3D Printing >
Inconel 625
H13 Tool Steel
Ceramic Release
A2 Tool Steel
17-4 PH Stainless Steel
Raise3D PVA Pure White
Raise3D Premium PETG Black
Raise3D Premium PC White
Raise3D Premium PC Transparent
Raise3D Premium PC Black
Raise3D Premium ABS White
Raise3D Premium ABS Grey
Raise3D Premium ABS Black
Raise3D Premium PLA Yellow
Raise3D Premium PLA White
Raise3D Premium PLA Orange
Raise3D Premium PLA Blue
Raise3D Premium PLA Black
Raise3D Premium PLA Red
3DXMAX ASA Flat Dark Earth
3DXMAX ASA Natural
3DXMAX ASA Dark Grey
3DXMAX ASA Army Green
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