The professional All-in-One build
preparation software solutions for
leaders and future leaders willing
to innovate and succeed.

Voxeldance Additive

Additive manufacturing build preparation
software for OEMs, enterprises
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Voxeldance Tango

Resin printing slicer software for figure makers, engineers, hobbyists
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Compatible with printers of mainstream 3D printing technologies

From metal, plastic to dental and desktop 3D printing, no matter which technology you use to achieve your business goals, we have the All-in-One professional solution for you.

Metal 3D Printing (SLM)

Plastic 3D Printing (SLA & SLS)

Dental 3D Printing (SLM, SLA & DLP)

About Voxeldance Additive

Voxeldance Additive is a powerful 3D printing build preparation software for mainstream 3D printing applications such as prototype, shoe molds, resin/metal dentistry, jewelry, healthcare, education, industrial molds, consumer products etc.

It's compatible with SLM, SLA, DLP and SLS 3D printing technologies. Thanks to the optimized VDK geometry engine and highly streamlined workflow, users can quickly achieve 3D printing build preparation and the production efficiency and printing success rate have also been significantly improved.

Voxeldance Tango

DLP/LCD 3D printing slicer software forfigure makers, engineers and designers!

With the built-in preset parameters, even beginners can start to print with just one click.