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Next Generation
Industrial Sand and Polymer 3D Printing

VX4000: The world's largest 3D printer for sand

The VX4000 is the largest 3D printing system for sand molds in the world. With a contiguous footprint of 4 x 2 x 1 meters, it is unrivaled in terms of build volume. Despite your high-volume production jobs, the VX4000 ensures consistent build times and impressive precession and part quality.

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Most complex geometries

Based on the latest technologies and high-quality print heads, voxeljet 3D printing systems are capable of producing even the most complex geometries and contact-free interlinked components with the finest details in a single production step.

Automation on demand

Depending on customer requirements, voxeljet 3D printers can be integrated into production processes as stand-alone systems or as partially or fully automated machines. voxeljet supports the integration process together with process and automation experts from a wide range of industries.

Industrial series production

It's the scale that counts. voxeljet 3D printers are renowned for their efficiency, reliability and attention to detail in prototype construction and small series production. They are unparalleled worldwide when maximum performance, high volumes and/or large construction volumes count.


The Flexible Entry into Multi-Material Industrial 3D printing

The VX200 is one of the world’s most flexible 3D printing systems for polymers. An open system with full access to process data, freely configurable printing parameters and an integrated data analysis tool. This system is ideal for research and development of new materials for polymer 3D printing.

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The Multi Material 3D Printer

VX1000 can print medium-sized sand molds and cores for metal casting to investment casting patterns and high-performance ceramic components. The VX1000 can process all common Voxeljet material systems, depending on the material configuration. The construction volume of 1000 x 600 x 500 mm, is ideally suited for the cost-effective production of prototypes as well as small and medium-sized series orders.

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VX1300 X

The Move to Additive Mass Production

This 3D printer is our unique solution for additive mass production of highly complex sand cores for metal casting. Productivity is just one of the many features of the VX1300 X. Designed to be intelligent and low-maintenance, the VX1300 X can be integrated into existing networked production environments within the framework of Industry 4.0.

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