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3D Printers for Architecture & Construction

Create and reiterate your concept models in just a couple of hours with 3D printing. If you're working on a large project, you can print them piece by piece and stick them all together easily. Being able to print out scale models, clients are becoming more engaged and understand your concept easily.

Having a tactile object of the proposed project in the early stage of the planning process makes it easier for architects and engineers to innovate with ease.

Using 3D printers in architecture & construction opens new possibilities but also take away traditional time-consuming and labor-intensive model-making methods.

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3D Printers

Raise3D Pro2

Form 3+

Raise3D Pro2 Plus

Raise3D Pro3

Raise3D Pro3 Plus

Builder Extreme 1000 PRO

3D Scanners for Architecture & Construction

3D scanning is currently being used in architecture and construction. It can help in restoration projects by capturing the data with a 3D scanner and have a copy in CAD to better visualize what they are working on.

Large and small building sometimes requires restoration, documentation, and archeological study with a 3D scanner you can have the digitally and 3D scan the whole thing.

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3D Scanners

EinScan HX

EinScan H

3D Software

3D Software for Architecture & Construction speeds up architectural design and drafting delivering more productivity saving more time and money.

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3D Software

Autodesk AutoCAD

Geomagic Essentials


Value-Added Products

Maptec offers value-added products for Architecture & Construction. An additional solution to improve up time and add value to your business. Aside from 3D printers, we also have laser cutting, laser engraving, casting, and UV curing machines specially made for your needs.

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Value-Added Products



Beambox Pro


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