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3D Printers for Digital & Healthcare

Dental professionals can rely on 3D printing technology for constant time-sensitive production of consistent, accurate output. 3D printing enables dental professionals to make in-house production of surgical guides, splint, aligners, denture, and crowns using castable wax resin.

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3D Printers

Form 3B

Form 3B+

Asiga MAX UV

UnionTech Pilot 450

3D Scanners for Dental & Healthcare

3D scanning technology is used to convert a physical object in to a digital copy in your computer. This output will allow dentist to their work digitally using advanced software giving dentists competitive edge providing patients a next level of comfort. The dentist can take advantages of this technology towards designing custom teeth, crown, braces, dentures, veneers and aligner.

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3D Scanners

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3D Software

Design, implant planning, orthodontics, production, scanning and communication – our mission is to create the complete software solution for digital dentistry.

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3D Software

Medit Link

Maestro Dental Studio


Value-Added Products

Maptec offers value-added products for digital dentistry. An additional solution to improve up time and add value to your business. Aside from 3D printers, we also have laser cutting, laser engraving, casting, and UV curing machines specially made for your needs.

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Value-Added Products

OroWeld 200s

Pressovac MAX

Case studies

Challenging Assumptions About 3D Printing for Orthodontics