Scan to Model: Convert Digital Scans Into Printable Dental Models in PreForm

April 7, 2021
3D printer

From Digital Scans To Dental Models In a Few Clicks

Model production is an easy way to get started with 3D printing, especially for dental practices that already own an intraoral scanner. However, you can’t go right from a 3D dental scan to a 3D printed model. In reality, you need to make the scan solid and watertight before it can be printed. You can use powerful dental software applications (that are used for appliance design, tooth movement, and more) for this, but they can cost as much as $5,000. A practice that’s interested only in simple models can opt for a free non-dental specific Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tool, but that takes time to master.

With Scan to Model, Formlabs Dental now provides an easy entry point for in-house digital dentistry for simple applications requiring no CAD. Using the Scan to Model tool in PreForm, you can simply import intraoral scans, trim away extraneous features, and turn them into solid, printable files in just a few clicks.

Watch the video to see how to use the new Scan to Model feature in PreForm.

The Scan to Model feature was created by Formlabs’ in-house software developers with input from leading experts in the fields of general dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, and other specialties.

Scan to Model Applications From Diagnostic to Aligner Models

Manufacture diagnostic models for visualizing patient anatomy and case planning, and boost case acceptance with presentation models for patient education. Create thermoformed and orthodontic appliances such as sports guards, retainers, grind guards by thermoforming over 3D printed models. Or use fit check models to validate the fit of an appliance or restoration without having to test on the patient or pay for a model from a lab.

Formlabs offers multiple material options which have all been validated to produce accurate dental models. Use Draft Resin for fast printing, Model Resin for stone-colored models, or White Resin for bright white models. With Draft Resin and the Scan to Model, you can go from 3D scanning a patient to a finished model in under an hour, opening up chairside and same-day delivery.

Scan to Model Workflow

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