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Blazing Speed Meets Industrial Production
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Get more done with most prints in under 2 hours.1

Printed Part reference: Battle Beaver Customs, Game Controller

Produce stunning parts that always fit, rivaling injection molded parts.

Sharpest Details : Highly collimated light and 50 µm pixel size with pre-tuned anti-aliasing for sub pixel resolution

Smoothest Surfaces: Lower peel forces, light touch supports, and 50 µm pixel size with pre-tuned anti-aliasing

Most Accurate Assemblies: ±0.15% XY dimensional tolerances so assembles always fit.

Right Hand Robotics

Printed Part reference: Robotic Finger Over Molds


Provides fastest printing, best appearance and versatile properties.

1. Import and prepare

2. Load a material and print.

3. Remove, wash, cure.

About Materials?

Advanced Resins and Powders for 3D Printing.

Tackle any problem with our industry-leading materials, or use Open Platform.

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A Wide Range of Applications To Help You Excel in Your Work

3D Printing Solutions for Automotive and Transportation

Accelerate time to market throughout the value chain.Unlock next-level agility in prototyping, tooling, and assembly.Cut costs by up to 90% compared to outsourcing.

3D Printed End-Use, Replacement, and Custom Parts for Aerospace

A large library of proprietary, high-performance materials to produce parts that are up to the challenge of extreme environments. Stop waiting and overpaying for tooling.

Gain flexibility and take on more non-traditional jobs by 3D printing parts directly in house.Replicate or improve on existing designs for maintenance, repair, and overhaul of planes, helicopters, drones, rockets, rovers, and more.

3D Printing Solutions for Manufacturing

Accelerate each stage of production. Improve efficiency with on-demand jigs, fixtures, and replacement parts.