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Excellence in High Temperature 3D Printing

Discover the Leading High-Temperature FFF 3D Printers. Unlock Infinite Possibilities From Prototyping To Small Batch Production

High-quality, Industrial-grade FFF Technology 3D Printers. From Desktop to Industrial Volume Printers.

Discover the Leading High-Temperature FFF 3D Printers

Explore world-leading high-tech 3D printing and industrial direct additive manufacturing solutions.

INTAMSYS specializes in 3D printers designed to print PEEK and many other high-performance functional materials. The high temperature nozzle allows for the user to print with a wide range of temperatures with the provided and swappable hot ends.
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Intamsys High-performance functional materials.

INTAM Filament range is strictly tested and optimized for process parameters, resulting in a library of specialized materials and optimized printing settings. INTAMSYS philosophy is to incorporate ready-to-print settings to its additive manufacturing solutions.
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High-Detail 3D Printing
Materials for Designing and
Manufacturing Jewelry

Reliably reproduce crisp settings, sharp prongs, smooth shanks, and fine
surface detail with Formlabs Jewelry Resins and the world’s best-selling
desktop stereolithography 3D printers.

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