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Form 3B+

Rapidly print patient-specific parts at the point of care and bring innovative R&D and commercial production in-house with the Form 3B+, an advanced 3D printer for healthcare professionals and medical device engineers.

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Formlabs Form 3B+

The Next Generation of Dental 3D Printing

XY Resolution:
25 microns

Advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)™ technology uses a flexible resin tank and a custom-designed, user-replaceable Light Processing Unit (LPU) to produce consistent, accurate prints. Reduced peel forces lead to incredible surface finish and part clarity, right off the printer.

Materials for a Wide Array of Applications

Access a library of over 30 materials compatible with the Form 3B+. Our technology has been validated in multiple FDA-cleared workflows and we develop and manufacture our own biocompatible materials in an ISO 13485 certified, FDA-registered facility. Parts can be sterilized using steam, e-beam, gamma, or EtO.

Built for Production

Build Volume:
14.5 × 14.5 × 18.5 cm
5.7 × 5.7 × 7.3 in

Print 2-3 times more parts in a single build compared to small build plate DLP printers to spend less time handling your printer and more time on high-value tasks. Production environments can see 55% less labor time and costs compared to DLP. A modular ecosystem allows for unmatched consistency, scalability, and redundancy.


The Form 3B is a part of a 3D printing ecosystem that’s easy to learn and use and requires little intervention or maintenance.


Import scan data into Dental Design software, where the virtual design takes place.


Import the designed CAD files into PreForm print preparation software for print setup and send them easily to a Formlabs printer.


Wash, dry, and post-cure printed parts. These parts can then be used intraorally or be used to produce various indications.

Surgical Guide

Using Surgical Guide Resin, the Form 3B consistently produces high accuracy surgical guides to help you guarantee accurate implant placement.

Temporary Restoration

Temporary CB Resin is a tooth-colored resin for 3D printing of temporary crown and bridge restorations, inlays, onlays and veneers. Indicated for up to seven-unit bridges and available in 4 VITA shades, this highly filled material provides excellent marginal adaptation, strength, and aesthetics. Use traditional temporary cements to attach restorations produced with Temporary CB Resin for up to 12 months.

Full Dentures

Formlabs is expanding access to digital dentures with an efficient, cost-effective manufacturing solution, Formlabs Digital Dentures. Class II long-term biocompatible Denture Base Resin and Denture Teeth Resin enable dental professionals to produce 3D printed dentures accurately and reliably. Digital denture manufacturing fits seamlessly into traditional clinical protocol, but is also ready for purely digital workflows once they become widely adopted.

Custom Impression Tray

Custom Tray Resin is a Class I biocompatible, fast printing biocompatible material for the direct printing of custom impression trays that can be used for crowns and bridges, implants, dentures, and other comprehensive cases. The use of digitally created custom impression trays provides consistent, accurate, impressions, and improved patient outcomes. This material can be used to print impression trays in under one hour, reducing labor time and enabling higher throughput.

Technical Specification

Form 3B+

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Build volume:
X:145mm, Y:145mm, Z:185 mm
Layer height:
100 Microns, 50 Microns, 25 Microns
  • Print Biocompatible Materials:
    With Formlabs Form 3B you can print different Formlabs Biocompatible materials for various Medical and Dental applications.

  • Crisp, clean features:
    The high-power-density laser is passed through a spatial filter to guarantee a clean laser spot.

  • Consistent printing:
    A parabolic mirror ensures that the laser prints perpendicular to the build plane, ensuring uniform print quality across the entire build platform.

  • Improved part clarity:
    With LFS technology's improved layer registration and surface finish, translucent materials print clearer than ever, right off the printer.

  • Closed-loop calibration:
    Optical sensors continuously correct for scale and power, and can even detect dust.

  • Hassle-free materials management:
    Switch between materials in seconds with a simple cartridge system.
  • User-replaceable components:
    The Light Processing Unit, rollers, and optics window can be replaced in-house, reducing the need for replacement printer shipments.

  • Industrial quality for all:
    The Form 3B offers industrial capabilities at a fraction of the price of traditional industrial machines.

  • Get started now:
    Formlabs 3D printers are ready to plug and print right out of the box, no specialized training required.

  • Avoid delays:
    Bringing production in-house with the Form 3 provides the fast turnaround time and flexibility you need to scale.

Compatible materials

Temporary CB Resin

Dental LT Clear Resin

Custom Tray Resin

Biomed Clear