Magic 30

MAGIC-30 is a multifunctional cutting & engraving machine capable of cutting or engraving letters or patternson wood, plastic, acrylic and most metals such as brass, copper, silver, gold and stainless steel. It also carves wax or chemical wood in 3D for molds. Its compact-size and neat design make it available to use anywhere and its simple instructions enable anybody to cut or engrave things beautifully in a quick and easy way.

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Magic30 CNC

Easier Machine Manipulation with 9 Key Buttons

The Magic-30 comes with total of 9 key buttons to help easier engraving and machine operation.


Laser Pointer

Its laser pointer points to the area of engraving for easy and errorless positioning.


Compact sized cutting machine

It engraves on plastic and most metals such as gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, etc.



Laser Engraving Accessories

Nameplate Cutting
Initial Laser Cutting

3D Cutting
3D Sculpting

Laser Engraving

Ring Cutting
Ring Cutting & Engraving

Technical Specification

Magic 30

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Build volume:
288mm(W) x 303mm(H) x 355mm(D)
Layer height:

Compatible materials

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