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Master Inject

Fully automatic wax injectors for single or dual operator, equipped with aluminum tank (capacity 4,5 kg), injection system by piston of 25 cm³, 7” touch screen, RFID reader and writer, self centering clamp (plate size 100x100x50 mm), automatic loader and unloader molds (size 100x100), cooling system for molds and Vap 14 4,6 m³/h pump included

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Master Inject

Quick and Simple

The operator does not have to press any keys. The gripper centers the mold preparing it for injection. The mold parameters are set or automatically read on the RFID Tag, if present in the mold. Significant time savings.

Masterix | Auto-On

Immediate and Compact

The cooler keeps the temperature of the molds constant, speeding up the cooling of the waxes. The cooler temperature can be set and adjusted directly from the touch screen

Masterix | MI-03 Automatica

Economic Advantages

Elimination of waiting times and consequent reduction of operator downtime. Increase in production. Strong increase in production, quality of models produced, elimination of waste.

Wax Carving for Casting Silver Jewellery (C32) - Flux Jewellery School


MasterInject Automatic Wax Injector MI-03 by Masterix

Technical Specification

Master Inject

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