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Pressovac MAX

The “MAX” version of our Pressovac machine is free-standing and offers the same proven features and functions as the standard Pressovac but accepting a larger flask and with an enhanced casting capacity (flask size up to 100 mm ø x 150 mm h.) Equipped with extremely robust water-cooled casting chamber, automatic tilt, rapid pressurization up to 3 bar, and allowing lower metal and flask temperatures

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Compact electronic induction vacuum/pressure casting machines scaled down toa smaller size. Pressovac is a perfect entry-level induction casting machinethat will keep up with your production as your business grows. Themelting/casting chamber and cover are made of thick anodized aluminum and bothcover and chamber floor are water-cooled so that chamber stays cool even aftermultiple castings — there is no downtime between casts.

Pressovac Series Casting Machine | Step-by-Step - YouTube

Pressovac casts gold, silver, platinum, palladium, titanium alloysand steel and handles all types of models from the heaviest man's ringto the thinnest filigree and even stone-in-place casting. Melts via electronicinduction for a quick self-stirring homogeneous melt, then casts under vacuumwith a powerful overpressure of inert gas to simultaneously pull and push themetal into the flask. Guaranteed dense castings without the brittleness,cracking or subsurface porosity that cause expensive rework or customerreturns.

After metal is melted (1 to 2 minutes depending on metal type and quantity),its temperature is automatically stabilized. By means of a single push button,the metal is quickly and steadily poured into the flask by means of a pneumaticcrucible tilting system. Spills and underfills from manual pouring, too quicklyor too slowly, are completely eliminated. Castings solidify under vacuum andpressure for 2 minutes at which time the door automatically opens (door can beopened sooner simply by turning the power dial to zero).


Metal is inserted into the crucible and the flask positioned on the cradle inside the casting chamber. Casting cycle is fully automatic. The casting chamber is full evacuated by vacuum before melting, followed by inert gas (either argon, nitrogen and helium) supply to create an inert atmosphere.

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Pressovac MAX

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