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Raise3d DF2 Soultion

Beyond Prototyping: Traceable Workflow from Start to Finish

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Traceable RFID Workflow Provides Consistent Results

At the heart of DF2 3D printer’s traceable workflow is RFID technology, used together with ideaMaker to confirm that the correct settings are being used for each batch of prints. Once the resin type is verified, the DF2 Printer, DF Wash and DF Cure settings are automated using built-in settings profiles. This not only saves operational time and costs by reducing the chance of human error, but also ensures a consistent workflow and reproducible print results from batch to batch.

Traceable RFID Workflow

High-Definition Detail Inspires Greater Design Freedom

As a DLP solution, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, combined with advanced features such as Contour Compensation and Anti-Aliasing, the DF2 produces significantly finer details and smoother surfaces compared to other 3D printing technologies. This results in greater opportunities for very small parts with a high level of definition. Additionally, advanced optical design and system calibration ensure smoothness and accuracy at every step.

  • Light engine with Texas Instruments’ First Industrial-grade DMD Chip for digital light processing printing
  • Premium light output quality with frame size error ≤ ±0.1 mm and distortion rate ≤ 0.1%
  • Clear pixel image without superimposed effects or surface light field effect
Greater Design Freedom

Increased First Print Success Rate

DF2 resin 3D printers are engineered to yield a high print-success rate through both mechanical design and software support:

  • Optimizations in ideaMaker, including Auto Support, Auto Orientation, and Suction Cup Detection, improve DF2’s first print success rate and reduce the need for time-consuming reprints. (Learn more about ideaMaker support for DF2 solution)
  • Air-Peel technology decreases the amount of force exerted on the part to facilitate easy layer detachment, further improving the reliability of print results.
  • Maximum part weight of 10 kg ensures high print quality in the Z-direction for any size print, which is supported by a heavy-duty Z-axis structure that can withstand up to 200 kg of static load.
Print Success Rate


Begins with precise Digital Light Printing (DLP). Followed by efficient washing and curing. RFID technology tracks each step, ensuring reliability and reducing labor costs.

Begins with precise Digital Light Printing (DLP)
Followed by efficient washing and curing
RFID technology tracks each step
Magic Layout at Your Fingertips
Air-Peel Lightens the Load
Software That Simplifies
Streamlined Resin Management

Technical Specification

Raise3d DF2 Soultion

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Open Platform Supports Infinite Possibilities

Raise3D continues to make innovations in material science, having developed a wide variety of DLP Resins for industrial applications optimized for the Raise3D DF2 resin printers. Raise3D is also proud to work alongside strategic partners like Henkel and BASF Forward AM to validate co-branded resins. Raise3D’s ORP (Open Resin Program) empowers users to explore new frontiers in resin 3D printing.

Compatible materials

Standard Grey Resin

Standard White Resin

Rigid Resin

Tough 2000 Resin