TauWeld 200 S

The system guarantees images of excellent quality and maintains fundamental characteristics such as compactness, reliability and high performance. An appealing aesthetic appearance combined with a practical user interface and with varying REAL powers from 100 to 200J can satisfy every type of customer, from the dental technician to the goldsmith.

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Taumac TauWeld 200 S Laser Welding

Convenient man-machine interface with 5.7" color touch-screen display, for quick access to working parameters and easy management of options.

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Powerful and silent hydraulic cooling circuit.Additional external cooling (optional) for high dutycycles.

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5 pre-set waveforms (pulse shaping) to achieve high welding quality on all types of alloys

TauWeld 100 / 125 / 200 S | Manual welding system, with double built-in  Vision system, Microscope and camera.


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TauWeld 200 S

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