UnionTech RSPro 800

The RSPro 800 features CE certification Industrial SLA 3D printer made by UnionTech. The RSPro range of machines deliver accurate parts with excellent surface quality ideal for low to medium part runs at a lower cost per unit.

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UnionTech RSPro 800

Open Source Application Driven 3D Printing

3D printing of prototypes, tools and production parts has never been so easy with the RSPro range of large volume SLA printers from UnionTech. The RSPro range of  machines deliver accurate parts with excellent surface quality ideal for low to medium part runs at a lower cost per unit.

SOMOS Additive SLA Materials

DSM Somos materials have been 25 years in the making, a deep understanding of the complex and demanding applications that different industries demand has created class leading high performance materials for many different industry verticals such as tooling, investment casting, high temperature or end-use parts.


Polydevs 3D Print Preparation Software for a cost effective software for all 3D printing preparetion needs

  • Repair STL mesh files into solid watertight models.
  • Create advanced support structure for SLA build strategies
  • Automatically nest multiple parts on the print bed for fast build preparation
  • Create lattice structures to lightweight parts.
  • Split and cut parts that do not fit on the build platform
  • Check wall thickness to analyze printability
  • Fast, reliable and extremely easy to use.


UnionTech’s unique approach to the market allowing a free and open 3d printing system allows for Europac3D to bring together an SLA printer that delivers the highest quality parts that are precise and have extremely good sidewall quality. The combination of UnionTech build quality and Somos high performance materials delivers a system that raises the bar in the SLA market.

Design & Prepare
Post Process
Architectural Scale Model
Medical Visual
Geometric Scale Model

Technical Specification

UnionTech RSPro 800

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Build volume:
800 × 800 × 550 mm
Layer height:
0.07 mm minimum; 0.25 mm maximum

Build Envelope Capacity: 800 × 800 × 550 mm

Maximum Part Weight: 150 kg

Accuracy: Part size < 100 mm: ±0,1 mm; Part size ≥ 100 mm: ±0,15% x L

Accuracy may vary depending on parameters,  part geometry and size, pre-processing or post-processing methods, materialsand environment.

Beam Size: Nominal 0.12 -0.20 mm

Scanning Speed: 15 m/s (Maximum), 6 -10m/s (Typical)

Layer Thickness: 0.07 mm minimum; 0.25 mm maximum

Weight: 2000 kg (with 560 kg initial fill inside)

Machine Size (WxDxH): 1798×1602×2118 mm

Laser: Solid-state frequency tripled Nd: YVO₄

Wavelength: 355 nm

Controller: UnionTech™ RSCON

Part Preparation: Materialise Magics or Polydevs

Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows 10

Input Data File Format: STL

Network Type and Protocol: Ethernet, IEEE 802.3 using TCP/IP and NFS

Electrical Requirements: 200-240 VAC,50/60 Hz,single phase

Laser Warranty: 5.000 hours or 15 months (whichever comes first)

Base Plate/Recoater Rim: Granite

Systems Control: Closed-loop

Power (nominal): Typically 300 ~500mW (@100kHz) on the target surface of the material under nominal optical path condition

Operating Environment:

Temperature Range: 22–26°C

Maximum Change Rate: 1 °C/hour

Relative Humidity: < 40 % non-condensing


Platform Change Carts: Manual offload cart optional

Processing and Finishing: Post-Curing Unit

System Warranty: One-year warranty (under UnionTech’s Purchase Terms and Conditions)

Compatible materials

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