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The new dimension of CAD solutions combines top Matrix® and features with the simplified interface of CounterSketch. MatrixGold offers you more power, a curated set of tools, intuitive workflow, and enhanced productivity

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The Most Popular Software To Jewellery Design

From the developers of Matrix, the new MatrixGold is the most effective jewelry design software on the market. Design your completely custom pieces in MatrixGold, then printing and casting are simple.

MatrixGold render with transition to shaded view


We understand the complexity of learning to use new tools. For this reason, we provide Starting Guides to get you off on the right foot with a solid understanding of the way our software works.

The Gemvision Application Launcher will be your gateway to installing, updating, and distributing user licenses for MatrixGold. MatrixGold will become your essential tool to create custom jewelry and will exponentially improve your jewelry business.


Tools Fully Focused in Jewellery

Being jewelers ourselves, we understand the need for software which approaches design from a bench jeweler's mindset. That is why we've created an updated CAD software with tools that are fully focused on jewelry creation.

We have made it easy to create gems, shanks, settings, renders, and more, helping you design as efficiently as possible.

MatrixGold Jewellery Design software – Evotech Pacific