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Dental clinics can easily order prostheses based on data generated by Medit Link. Clinics can also communicate about items and prices with dental labs through contract services provided by Medit Link. Medit Link allows tracking of workflows from order to delivery and can even be linked to CAD/CAM software to improve work efficiency. Our collaboration tool was created to help you manage your workflow in the easiest and most effective way possible, saving you valuable time.

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With the Medit Link Dashboard you can view scan and order status, cloud usage, data storage space, and calibration intervals in real time, as well as keep track of daily scans as represented on a graph. The function allows you to easily manage the performance of your business and communicate effectively for more efficient operations.

Easy Communication

By integrating direct communication options, you can ask your customers questions quickly to ensure the highest-quality outcomes. This will not only increase the quality of your end-product, but will also save you money and improve your customers’ satisfaction in the long run.


Payment Management

Medit Link's billing management system automatically stores and manages your invoice to help you focus on the more important tasks. When you make payment for the first time, the payment information will be safely encrypted and stored in the server. This enables you to make future orders easily with just one click.


Medit Link makes workflows more reliable, flexible, and scalable. It helps improving communication and makes sense of massive amounts of data. Above all, our technology expands to fit your business needs, increasing speed and efficiency. With our collaboration tool for digital dentistry you can stay focused on your important tasks as Medit Link provides you a convenient overview of all your current digital processes.

Cloud Storage & Scan Data Synchronization

Medit Link is coupled with cloud storage for all digital scan files, therefore requiring less space than physical copies. The real cloud system allows you to work on your original scans, easily archive your digital impressions and orders, as well as manage your cases wherever you are. In addition, partners can easily make adjustments to the working files as required.

Web Viewer & Public Sharing

The Public Sharing option allows you to create links to 3D data and share them with your partners without the need for them to sign up for Medit Link. The Web Viewer allows you to view and adjust scan data on your PC or mobile screen, as well as capture images and add notes. You can also look at the Web Viewer screen and communicate in real-time with your partners and patients for higher quality results and better patient care.