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Raise3D E2

Professional 3D printers, like the E2, are well-built and designed to be user-friendly, resulting in a better 3D printing experience for every application and user.

Raise3D’s award-winning E2 is recognized as a benchmark and gold standard for professional 3D printing applications and 24/ 7 reliability.

Mirror Mode and Duplication Mode

Mirror Mode prints a model and an inverse of that same model at the same time. It is convenient because it eliminates the need to create an additional design file for the inverse model, and it saves the time that is usually spent printing the inverse model separately.

Duplication Mode is synchronized printing, meaning it uses both extruders to print a model and an exact copy of that model at the same time. It can double production capacity within the same timeframe.

Easy Swap Print Heads

Easy Swap Print Heads are a convenient feature of the E2. These print heads are easy to remove, making it simple and quick to swap out a print head for another print head. There are a variety of reasons why swapping print heads is necessary, such as having to use a print head with a different type of nozzle.

Auto Bed Leveling

A level bed is an important contributor to the quality of the final printing result. Bed leveling is the process of testing and confirming that the printing platform is completely level before beginning to print. It can be a time-consuming process to ensure this.
Physical Dimensions

Width         607 cm
Depth         596 cm
Height        465 cm
Weight       35 Kg

Build Volume

Width           295 mm
Depth           240 mm
Height          240 mm

Flexible Build Plate
A build plate is a flat surface that temporarily adheres to the bottom layer of the model during the printing. It is also the surface that an adhesive is applied to when printing with certain filaments. At times, prints may get damaged when being removed from the build plate.
Live Monitoring HD Camera
The E2 features a camera to monitor the entire 3D printing process of every print job. This camera operates by connecting to RaiseCloud allowing users to keep track of every print job remotely. The ability to check the 3D printing process gives peace of mind.
Power Loss Recovery
Both a power outage and a filament outage (when the filament runs out) can cause a print job to be lost if they occur in the middle of the 3D printing process. However, the E2 has a filament run-out sensor on its extruders to alert when the filament is about to run out, and save the print job. It also has a power loss function to save its place and continue printing in the event of a power outage.
Automatic Detection
Another safety feature of the E2 is that it can automatically detect when a door is opened and will immediately pause the print.