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Raise3D Pro2 Series

The Pro2 Series has a metal build plate for even heat distribution, along with a full metal frame for smooth movement and precise positioning, and is compatible with a variety of 3D printing materials.

Raise3D’s award-winning Pro2 Series is recognized as a benchmark and gold standard for professional 3D printing applications and 24/ 7 reliability. From Raise3D’s Pro2 Series is the Pro2 and the Pro2 Plus, dual extruder 3D printers with high-resolution, for manufacturing and rapid-prototyping projects of varying sizes.

Dual extruder 3D printer

A dual extruder 3D printer can produce 3D printed objects with different kinds of 3D printing materials (also known as filaments) and colors within a single print job.

High Repeatability

3D printing is a process where an object is built up by thin layers. The 3D printer needs to move back and forth along the length of the model to create those thin layers. If the printer loses its position during that back-and-forth motion, the 3D printing process will no longer be aligned, and the 3D printed object will be ruined. The high repeatability and reliability ensure the printer does not become misaligned during the back-and-forth movements.

Lightning Speed

Having a <1 second switch time means the Pro2 Series can change directions while printing an object. This shortens the overall time needed to complete a 3D printing process. Keep in mind, the general time savings will still be influenced by the project type.
Physical Dimensions

Width         620 cm
Depth         590 cm
Height        1105 cm
Weight       59 Kg

Build Volume

Width           280 mm
Depth           305 mm
Height          605 mm

1.5 mm lifting distance
Lifting distance refers to the clearance between the idle printing nozzle and the object being printed. There needs to be some distance between both to ensure the printer’s nozzle does not interfere with the printing. The 1.5 mm lifting distance on the Pro2 Series maintains enough distance between the idle nozzle and the model to not affect the printing process.