Zetasinter: Tubular Furnace


Product Description

Zetasinter is a tubular furnace for sintering ceramics in ambient air, and H13 steel parts under an inert atmosphere. The advice of use: - Sinter ceramics in ambient air and H13 steel under an inert atmosphere such as argon - Sintering temperature: 1550C° alumina, 1475C° white and black zirconia, 1350 H13 steel - Installation of a hood fume is recommended


- Tube diameter: 10 cm - Maximum operating temperature: 1600C° - Power: 220 V 32 A - Tube length: 120 cm total length, 20 cm use length (temperature is homogeneous (+/-10°C) - Product reference: Z-SINTER


+ Sintering under ambient air for ceramic parts + Sintering under inert atmosphere for H13 steel parts