Digitizing Footwear Manufacturing Process

Digitizing Footwear Manufacturing Process

The foot wear industry is entering a new stage utilizing new technologies to shape a new edge of advantage with the use of 3D printers leading to more productivity, cost effectiveness, and freedom of design.

With a 3D printer, shoe makers can easily produce a mold with fine details which saves time and labor. 3D printing technology brings significant advantage in the designing process and overcome the difficulties of bringing complex structures that will provide aesthetic, comfort, and overall of the shoes.

With todays age, consumers are becoming more advance with their design preference. With a UnionTech SLA large-format 3D printers, you can produce high quality output models a lot cheaper and faster.

Have these advantages of having UnionTech SLA 3D Printers:

·       Personalized design without restriction.

·       Rapidly prototype design ideas in just a matter of hours.

·       Create branding that is outstanding to the market.

·       Innovative aesthetic and improved design quality.

UnionTech stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing equipment has been developed and manufactured in an environment of intense regional competition. UnionTech products offered for the international market of today reflect the experience of a global leader in Stereolithography.


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Digitizing Footwear Manufacturing Process
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