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Industrial Large Format 3D Printing

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Maptec Provides Industrial 3D printers for Large Format Additive Manufacturing

Maximize manufacturing potential with MINGDA's large 3D printers, boasting up to 1 m³ volume. Stay ahead in production speed and competitiveness.


Dual Extruder 5X Speed,
Industrial Large Format 3D Printers With Dual Nozzles

Featuring cutting-edge technology and expansive 1m³ build volumes. Accelerate creativity and workflow like never before!

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Empower Your Creativity and Redefine Efficiency, Where Precision Meets Innovation.

Featuring high-performance materials and industry-leading precision, while experiencing a true breakthrough in printing speed with the Dual Extruder

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Double Productivity, Better Print Industrial Complex Models

The ultimate 3D printing solution for businesses, the MD-400D sets new industry standards, potentially reshaping expectations within the 3D printing sphere

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Applicable Industries

Automotive industry
Prototyping and design
Functional prototyping
Medical Industry