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Industrial Large Format 3D Printing

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Maptec Provides Industrial 3D printers for Large Format Additive Manufacturing

MINGDA specializes in manufacturing large, industrial 3D printers that are capable of producing full-scale parts or big batches of smaller parts. Our commercial 3D printers offer a build volume of up to 1 m³. By utilizing our large 3D printers, you can enhance your manufacturing capabilities by creating 3D printed prototypes, jigs and fixtures, patterns and molds, as well as end-use parts. With MINGDA's industrial 3D printers, size is not a limiting factor, allowing you to accelerate your production process and stay ahead of the competition in bringing your products to market.


Dual Extruder 5X Speed,
Industrial Large Format 3D Printers With Dual Nozzles

The MD-1000D brings the future of manufacturing to life! With our cutting-edge 3D printer, you can create designs that push boundaries and speed up your workflow. Get ready to unleash your creativity with build volumes up to 1m³!

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Dual Extruder 5X Speed,
Breakthrough In Printing Efficiency Once Again

The MD-600D 3d printer harnesses high-performance materials and industry-leading precision to transform your design and manufacturing process. Get ready to explore the endless possibilities of industrial 3D printing.

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Double Productivity, Better Print Industrial Complex Models

The MD-400D is the ultimate 3D printing solution for businesses that value speed and performance. Its ability to handle multiple materials and its versatile design make it a game-changer in the world of 3D printing. It's potentially poised to redefine expectations within the 3d printing sphere.

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Applicable Industries

Automotive industry
Prototyping and design
Functional prototyping
Medical Industry